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or myth·o·pe·ic  (mĭth′ə-pē′ĭk) also myth·o·po·et·ic (-pō-ĕt′ĭk)
1. Of or relating to the making of myths.
2. Serving to create or engender myths; productive in mythmaking.

[From Greek mūthopoios, composer of fiction, from mūthopoiein, to relate a story : mūthos, story + poiein, to make; see kwei- in Indo-European roots.]

myth′o·poe′ia (-pē′ə), myth′o·po·e′sis (-pō-ē′sĭs) n.


(ˌmɪθəʊˈpiːɪk) or


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) of or relating to the composition of myths; productive of myths. Also: mythopoetic or mythopoetical
ˌmythoˈpoeism n
ˌmythoˈpoeist n
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It has great significance in documenting Tolkien's own philosophy on fantasy and thoughts on mythopoiesis, and in clarifying his view of fairy-stories as a legitimate literary genre, and in focusing his mind on what he wanted to accomplish in his own works of fantasy.
Schliesslich wird diese Mythopoiesis abgerundet durch die Mythifizierung der einzig weiblichen Person in diesem Pantheon; der Konigin Maria.
Mythopoiesis in der europaischen Romania nach 1945: Munique: M.
Se quisermos, a obra de Paulo Kapela traduz uma mythopoiesis que funde misticismo e uma poetica individual onde a mitografia e a da sociedade angolana contemporanea refletindo precisamente a sua historia e estrutura social e cultural, atraves de uma partilha quer individual quer coletiva.
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