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Noun1.Mytilidae - marine mussels
mollusk family - a family of mollusks
genus Mytilus, Mytilus - type genus of the family Mytilidae: smooth-shelled marine mussels
marine mussel, mytilid - marine bivalve mollusk having a dark elongated shell; live attached to solid objects especially in intertidal zones
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Erratum In the article "Physiological response of invasive mussel Limnopernafortunei (Dunker, 1857) (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) submitted to transport and experimental conditions", DOI, published in Brazilian Journal of Biology, vol.
Anatomical and Histological Characteristics of the Nervous System of the Chilean Giant Mussel, Choromytilus chorus (Molina 1782) (Bivalvia, Mytilidae)
The thick shell mussel, Mytilus coruscus (Gould, 1861), belongs to the Mytilidae or true mussels (Mollusca; Bivalvia; Lamellibranchia; Mytiloida; Mytilus).
Phylum/Class Family Species Porifera -- -- Mollusca Gastropoda Pyrantidellidae Brachystomia scalar is (McGillivray, 1843) Vermetidae -- -- Bivalvia Mytilidae Perna perna L., 1758 Annelida Polychaeta Capitellidae Capitella capitata oculata Hartman, 1961 Serpulidae Salmacina dysteri (Huxley, 1855) Filograna implexa Berkeley, 1835 Salmacina sctosa Langerhans, 1884 Serpula vermicularis L., 1767 S.
Among mollusks, the taxonomic family Mytilidae has been used in temperate areas to monitor levels of Hg in coastal waters; specifically, Mytilus galloprovincialis and Mytilus edulis [4-6].
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Pollution monitoring in Southeast Asia using biomarkers in the mytilid mussel Pernaviridis (Mytilidae: Bivalvia).
First record of an epibiosis between the sand crab Emerita analoga (Stimpson, 1857) (Decapoda: Hippidae) and the mussel Semimytilus algosus (Gould, 1850) (Bivalvia, Mytilidae) in southern Peru.
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