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A type of semiconductor field effect transistor used in integrated circuit technology that consumes very little power and can be highly miniaturized.

[m(etal)-o(xide)-s(emiconductor) f(ield)-e(ffect) t(ransistor).]
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(Electronics) electronics metal-oxide-silicon field-effect transistor; a type of IGFET
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Release date- 29072019 - The STMicroelectronics VIPer26K high-voltage converter integrates a 1050V avalanche-rugged N-channel power MOSFET that enables offline power supplies to combine a wide input-voltage range with the advantages of a simplified design.
The STMicroelectronics STDRIVE601 3-phase gate driver for 600V N-channel power MOSFETs and IGBTs provides state-of-the-art ruggedness against negative voltage spikes down to -100V and responds to logic inputs in a class-leading 85ns.
These hermetic enhancement-mode N-channel MOSFETs deliver a maximum continuous drain current of 26 to 30 amps and low RDS(ON) of 96 micro-ohms max at 20 amps and 25 degrees C.
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) has introduced the AONX38168, which utilizes the latest 25V N-Channel MOSFET Technology.
Integrated N-channel MOSFETs deliver continuous load currents up to 20 A, with minimal thermal derating at output voltages ranging from 0.6 V to [V.SUB.IN]; ideal for point-of-load applications such as powering high current/low voltage DSPs, FPGAs, and ASICs.
Diodes Incorporated (Nasdaq: DIOD) has introduced the DGD0506 and DGD0507, high-frequency gate-driver ICs designed for driving two external N-channel MOSFETs in a half-bridge configuration, the company said.
The assets sold include millions of semiconductor die, which are comprised of NPN and PNP High Voltage Transistors, High Voltage Darlington Transistors, High Voltage N-Channel Enhancement Mode Mosfets and one of the most comprehensive lines of Dual Differential Transistors in the industry.
We can easily extract the subsequent threshold voltage ([V.sub.TH]) from the threshold surface potential ([[PSI].sub.TH]) of n-channel MOSFET using the standard basic threshold voltage MOSFET model expression.
In power-sourcing equipment such as LAN routers and midspans, this 100V N-channel MOSFET switches power to the CAT5 (or CAT6) network cable.
The XTR20410 and XTR20810 product families consist of flexible devices with power N-channel MOSFETs and integrated drivers tailored for use in high temperature applications, such as DC/DC converters, motor control, and power switching.