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Noun1.NAC - a council consisting of permanent representatives of all the member countries of NATO; has political authority and powers of decision
NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization - an international organization created in 1949 by the North Atlantic Treaty for purposes of collective security
council - a body serving in an administrative capacity; "student council"
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At present, NAC partners with NAPS, providing air transportation for police services in 37 First Nations communities throughout Northern Ontario.
The NAC serves as a catalyst, linking industry, academia and government agencies in the development and exchange of automotive technologies.
A bright, open building, much of NAC was constructed using recycled wood from an old school gymnasium Findlay learned was going to be torn down.
Abou-Dib adds that the lack of national co-ordination among NAC members had a negative impact on the organization's visibility.
This year two research groups have reported three placebo-controlled trials showing that oral NAC raises glutathione in persons with HIV.
To study the role of GSH in modulating MCE-induced cytotoxicity, we pretreated cells with NAC 10 mM or BSO 2.
The IRS determined that Peracchi realized a gain on the transfer, asserting that the note was not genuine indebtedness under IRC section 357(c)(1) because Peracchi incurred no cost in issuing the note to NAC.
The adjusted basis of the property to be transferred to NAC was $981,406, but the liabilities encumbering the property totaled $1,548,213.
Please apply the $2,000 only to promoting participation, he told NAC.
NAC is the powerhouse of Canadian feminist politics -- of that, those of us on the outside are keenly aware.
The diversity of interests, perspectives, and expertise represented by the member agencies of the NAC allows a thorough airing of divergent views on issues that come before the NAC.
Currently, NAC products secure networks by ensuring that all endpoints are compliant with predetermined policies prior to granting access.