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n.1.(Zool.) See Naiad.
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The redundant articles and letters in the last several issues on the matter will do absolutely nothing to address the issue and keep NAIS from happening.
The article also didn't tell about the trouble small meat processors have with getting the USDA to allow them to test for BSE--mad cow disease--or list some of the grass-roots organizations that are fighting the NAIS, such as Liberty Ark Coalition or the Texas-based Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance.
To try to see what was eating the fruit, Nais spent 4 hours hiding in a blind about 20 feet up in a tree.
The bad news is that each year the cost of elementary-secondary education rises by nearly 7%, according to the NAIS. The good news, though, is that with proper planning--whether children attend private or public schools, at the elementary, secondary or university level--most parents can afford to send their offspring to college.
The NAIS would require two types of mandatory registration.
"In the past two years, discussions revolving around NAIS have placed enough uncertainty on the minds of customers that they have delayed making buying decisions."
NAI Southcoast reinforces this local knowledge with a staff with strong backgrounds in brokerage and investment analysis.
New American International(NAI)is dedicated to and designed for the sole purpose of providing our clients with the most effective real estate systems and services available on an international level, while maintaining local expertise in the marketplace.
Boyd Bradfield and Stuart Duffin of NAI Southcoast brokered the sale after navigating an extensive short sale process that involved negotiating with two lenders Bank Atlantic and SBA.
NAI Southcoast, who has managed, leased and brokered commercial properties on the Treasure Coast for more than 30 years, will handle the management and leasing for the shopping center.