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net asset value


abbreviation for
(Accounting & Book-keeping) net asset value


1. naval.
2. navigation.


net asset value.
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Simon Henrick, from the Green Flag breakdown firm, said: "Sat navs canZafar literally send you down the wrong path."
"I have also noticed some sat navs on sale on eBay in the area.
Sergeant Brian Hallas said: "Please do not leave your Sat Navs or cradles etc on display in your vehicle.
Should be sign saying unsuitable for hgvs Alicia Williams Sat navs need to be updated all the time for all our new roads etc and all old sat navs should be no good Medi Wyn It's like me trying to fit in a pair of size 8 jeans , aint gonna happen!
One would require prime funds--those that invest in short-term corporate debt--for institutional investors to adopt a variable net asset value (NAV), instead of the constant, $1-a-share NAV that's now standard for money market funds.
A selection of your comments left on our website, Twitter and Facebook pages A Sat Nav slip-up took a rookie driver the wrong way down Newcastle's central motorway.
The premise of stability was shattered when the net asset value (NAV) of the Reserve fund dropped below $1 a share and investors rushed to redeem their shares.
A staggering 83% of British drivers have admitted to being misled by their Sat Navs, resulting in over half the country (52%) screaming at their devices.
THE sat nav manufacturers should have some blame when things go wrong, but the fact is too many people use them when they do not have to.
Rather than solving in-car quarrels, research by Churchill Car Insurance reveals eight per cent of men have argued with another passenger about the sat nav itself.
Rather than solving squabbles, the research reveals one in 10 of the UK's 13 million sat nav users have argued with another passenger about the system itself.