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A trademark for a movie rating indicating that admission will not be granted to anyone under the age of 18.


no charge.


1. network computer.
2. no charge.
3. Also, N.C. North Carolina.
4. Nurse Corps.


Trademark. no children under 17: a motion-picture rating advising that persons under the age of 17 will not be admitted to the film. Compare G (def. 2), PG, PG-13, R (def. 4), X (def. 8).
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Blue Valentine," a 2010 romantic dramedy starring A-listers Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, got a preliminary NC-17 rating, for oral sex that Gosling performs on Williams, before the MPAA changed its mind.
Brunetti said if people wanted to see it again and get more gritty with it, then have that NC-17 version out there as well which would be great for the studio because they'd get a double dip on the box office.
He tried to make cuts that would mean Killer Joe would not be labelled an NC-17.
The NC-17 rating means that unless Cinema 320 wasn't screening it, your chances of seeing the movie would have been almost nil, because no studio would market it and most theaters wouldn't show it.
In Dick's telling, the MPAA'S raters wield enormous power, capable of killing an independent film's prospects with an NC-17 rating or letting a studio flick ride with an R.
if disjointed and ultimately unconvincing," claiming that most of the movies Dick cites as victims of arbitrary judgment actually deserved their NC-17 ratings.
An NC-17, which replaced the X-rating, is often a hindrance as it's strictly over 18s and many newspapers will not accept advertising.
A number of chapters explore the evolution of the X rating, its association with pornography, the antipornography crusades of Reagan administration Attorney General Meese and others, and the recent institution of the NC-17 rating.
Speaking of Kevin Bacon, the producer of a new film that stars the `Animal House' actor and Colin Firth said Monday that he would appeal the decision by the Motion Picture Association of America to give ``Where the Truth Lies'' an NC-17 rating.
The NC-17 version is most definitely the best, but we do not recommend it for younger audiences.
It is not anywhere as confrontational or sexually explicit as recent films by French directors like Catherine Breillat (Anatomy of Hell [2004]) or Virginie Despentes (Baise-moi [2000]), though its few shots of male frontal nudity are enough to guarantee it an NC-17 rating in the United States.