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Noun1.Giorgio de Chirico - Italian painter (born in Greece) whose deep shadows and barren landscapes strongly influenced the surrealists (1888-1978)
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It was his Cornelius Nepos that Master Edward was repeating when he referred to King Mithridates," continued the count, "and you interrupted him in a quotation which proves that his tutor has by no means neglected him, for your son is really advanced for his years.
41) Thus, according to this think tank, the 1999 legal reform evidenced the need to create an independent tribunal that could counterbalance the NEPO with specialized and permanent judges, including both economists and lawyers in its composition.
Alem das atividades desenvolvidas no NEPO, ela foi professora colaboradora e membro do Conselho do Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Demografia do Instituto de Filosofia e Ciencias Humanas da Unicamp.
This new solution brings the power of closed-loop marketing to organizations of all sizes," said Matthew Cooke, chief executive officer and founder of NEPO Systems.
The collaborative agreement which was led on behalf of NEPO by Darlington Borough Council covers 16 specialist lots, ranging from standard carriageway resurfacing to road markings.
Representatives from at least 90 regional SME construction contractors as well as representatives from NEPO and five local authorities will attend the launch event next week.
The event will be supported by Compete North East, NEPO and regional food and drink organisation, Taste North East.
They will be able to provide information on business opportunities through NEPO who undertake collaborative procurement on behalf of all 12 North East local authorities.
The NEPO (NorthEast Purchasing Organisation) has just closed its invitation to be on a select list of 10 consultants that will be promoted for use by Local Authorities in the region.
This year's event, supported by Compete North East and NEPO will focus on sustainable construction, enabling suppliers from this rapidly expanding sector of the industry to meet and secure deals with leading UK contractors and developers.
The NEPO authorities spend in the region of pounds 63m annually on energy.
28 - Winning Business from NEPO and the Region's Public Sector.