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or Nfd. or Nfld.,

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Selon Maka Balde, vice-president des NFD, l'opposition est tres incoherente dans ses observations parce que, dit-il, c'est elle qui a denonce l'actuel fichier electoral.
(2007) evaluated the effect of nitrogen-free diet (NFD) and NFD+5% casein diet on EAAL in (27 weeks old) Lohmann Brown roosters and layers.
NFD measures the volume of the commodity available for human consumption, according to the PSA.
Of the 120 distractors, 51.6% were NFDs and majority of the items had 1 - 3 NFDs.
Thirty percent of liver cells were accumulated by fat granules in the HFD Group, compared with the NFD Group.
Hers is the first detailed, well-researched work which sees the Somalis in the NFD as part of the Kenyan state.
Body weights were significantly higher in mice on a HFD, as compared with animals fed with a NFD. Likewise, blood glucose and insulin concentrations, the HOMA-IR index, and triglyceride, cholesterol, and FFA levels were higher in HFD- versus NFD-fed mice.
We had 5 groups; Group 1: 30 patients with mild preeclampsia (MP) and normal fetal development (NFD), Group 2: 30 patients with severe preeclampsia (SP) and NFD, Group 3: 30 patients with MP and IUGR, Group 4: 30 patients with SP and IUGR and Group 5: 30 volunteers who were normotensive and non-preeclamptic.
Del Monte said the Nice Frozen Dry (NFD) technology allows fruits, vegetables and produce to be picked at its optimal ripeness and frozen for up to three years while preserving its nutrients, structure, original properties and organoleptic characteristics.
O intervalo de coeficiente de variacao de 10 a 20% abrangeu 07 caracteres (APF, DC, NFC, DF, PF, DCI e AT), enquanto os caracteres NFD, NNSF, PROD, FF e FP apresentaram CVs superiores a 20%.
The franchise currently operated by Arriva Trains Wales could be replaced in 2018 by what is likely to be a 10-year current-style franchise which could include a notfor-dividend (NfD f ) bidder.