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Al igual que el PEGI convencional, PEGI Online ha sido desarrollado por ISFE y NICAM, y cuenta con el auspicio de la Comision Europea, como sistema de regulacion de contenidos para el juego en linea.
According to co-author Yuqing Wang, UH meteorology professor and IPRC research team leader, "The high temporal and spatial resolution datasets provided by NICAM in this and future simulations will allow detailed studies of tropical cyclone genesis and evolution, as well as other weather and climate-related phenomena."
With virtual Dolby surround sound and Nicam digital stereo, it is just as if Hollywood's finest were in your own living room.
We've lined up a Sharp 28 inch widescreen TV with Nicam Stereo Sound which comes with a super stylish stand AND a Pioneer DVD with surround sound system.
Burglars grabbed four Nicam plasma televisions, worth pounds 2,500 each, after smashing a window at the Coventry and East Mercia Co-op in Warwick Road, Kenilworth, at 2.30am on Saturday.
With a 28-inch pureflat widescreen TV, DVD player, Nicam Stereo VCR, High Fi and stand, it's perfect for Euro 2004 and beyond.
The transmission signal is on a UHF frequency channel 43 in cooperation with PALG on the frequency of 647.25 Mhz for video signal and 652.75 Mhz for audio signal and 653.1 Mhz for Nicam Stereo.
Widescreen TV set with Nicam stereoYOU could win a super JVC 28in natural flat widescreen TV with Nicam stereo in our new weekly quiz.
Days later a letter arrived at her home stating: 'A package containing a Sony 32in Pure Flat Designer Nicam Stereo widescreen TV with a retail value of pounds 1,200 or other items is being held for you.
"As these markets grow and make economic sense, we have to capitalize and start doing local dubbing and Nicam (digital TV sound) dual feed," says Miller.
The LG Video is a 6-head NICAM stereo VCR with a host of features, making it one of the easiest VCRs to use.