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also Nish  (nĭsh)
A city of southeast Serbia near the Morava River. It was the birthplace of Constantine the Great.


(Norse Myth & Legend) Norse myth a friendly spirit or goblin thought to take care of a farmer's home, barn, stables, etc


(niːʃ) or


(Placename) an industrial town in Serbia, in the SE: situated on routes between central Europe and the Aegean. Pop: 203 670 (2002)



a city in SE Serbia, in SE Yugoslavia. 230,711.
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Also, the NISS conveyed its reservations on Al-Tayyar's editorial line and its opinion articles, which the security authorities consider to be contrary to previous directives.
The president also inaugurated the housing project of the NISS staffers, which comprised 118 households.
NISS did not say why they had prevented him from leaving, Sheikh said.
Each truck carried several armed and uniformed members of the NISS, Jaafar says.
Researchers found that NISS agents perpetrated a range of human rights violations, including torture, arbitary arrests and violent assault on opponants of the government of Omar al-Bashir, whose ruling National Congress Party won an election marred by claims of fraud in April.
During the first half of 2010 Amnesty International documented the arrests of at least 34 individuals by the NISS, including journalists, human rights activists and students.
In his new position, Cox will serve as convener of the survey cluster for the NISS affiliates program, expanding the NISS presence in data confidentiality research and furthering plans to develop a microsimulation model for surveys.
He described the NISS move as indirect confiscation of the newspaper, warning to escalate actions against the NISS until stopping its crackdown against Al-Tayyar.
NISS has reaffirmed its backing and support and keenness for a sound journalistic practice, characterized by transparency and away from any weakness towards any form of harmful publication that undermines the values and traditions of the society.
NISS Director Salah Gosh said their release depends on the conduct of their parties.
Atta refuted allegations circulated by some quarters that NISS has arrested some activists during the elections, asserting that NISS did not arrest any body.