Nipah virus

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Nip·ah virus

A paramyxovirus that is transmitted to humans from other mammals, especially pigs, and causes fever and myalgias that can progress to encephalitis.

[After Nipah, the village near Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia where the death of a farm worker led to the identification of the virus.]
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Ventilation products company ReddyPort Inc stated on Thursday that it has been awarded the regulatory clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the first multiple-use access elbow that attaches to noninvasive ventilation (NIV) masks, the ReddyPort NIV Access Elbow.
NIV provides predetermined pressure support through a mask attached to an air tube that helps the patients with night-time symptoms by reversing nocturnal respiratory insufficiency and facilitating an easier breathing.
A unique feature of the NIV Series is the one-piece valve stem that functions as a sealing membrane while also supporting and centralizing the poppet in the seating area.
In Lagos, NIV adjudications have increased 164 percent in the past five years, so consular management has maximized the section's physical space and in early 2015 combined the NIV and IV units, with officers and LE staff trained to handle both types.
Key words: Fusarium graminearum mycotoxins chemotypes DON NIV pathogenicity aggressiveness.
A study of 67,651 ED visits for AECOPD found NIV use, compared with invasive mechanical ventilation, was associated with reduced inpatient mortality of 46%, shortened hospital length of stay by 3 days, reduced hospital charges of approximately $35,000 per visit, and modestly reduced risk of iatrogenic pneumothorax.
8) in 1992 published the first report describing the use of NIV to facilitate liberation from IMV and after this several studies, trials and meta-analysis have followed (9-15).
Many clinicians prefer NIV over traditional mechanical ventilation because it helps improve patient safety and comfort.
They included nine members of the Committee on Bible Translation, the original translators and continuing caretakers of the NIV.
Each page presents both the NIV and KIV text toward the margins while providing the original Greek text, the Mounce translation, the GK numbers and the parsing information.
This already significant consular workload is expected to increase dramatically in the coming years as millions of NIV Border Crossing Cards issued in Mexico between fiscal years 1998 and 2002 expire and need to be renewed.