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Noun1.NOC - an undercover agent who is given no official cover
intelligence agent, intelligence officer, operative, secret agent - a person secretly employed in espionage for a government
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He submitted that the NOC , which was provided to the court by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman, dates back to 2003 when he was posted as a secretary at the union council office.
Malik Ibrar had contacted Chaklala Cantt Board administration almost three months before for issuance of NOC.
A team of the NOC and IOC also visited the project sites and discussed the local issues related to the project in the presence of the concerned Chief District Officers (CDOs) and representatives of the local levels.
5% in Russia's state-controlled Rosneft, which in turn has an agreement with NOC to buy crude.
CARMARTHENSHIRE NOC - No change PC gain 7, Ind lose 7.
And industry leaders say the decision to axe the NOC in Oman must come soon if the country is to compete with neighbouring countries who have already announced cutting red tape to ease labour migration.
This uncertainty about the scale of future oil and gas activities means that countries should proceed very cautiously when establishing an NOC.
The representative of the university Prof Dr Shoaib Khan briefed the committee about the issues which institute has been facing for getting NOC to convert it into a university.
NOC said its eastern subsidiary Agoco had been instructed by an official from the region's administration to load 650,000 bl of crude on to the Indian-flagged Distya Ameya from Marsa el-Hariga on 21-23 April on behalf of a UAE-based firm.
Speaking at the organisation's 37th general assembly on Wednesday, Abdul Rahman Al Owais, UAE NOC Vice President and Chairman of the Executive Office, announced that the grant will ensure completion of the structure while also helping in the interior decorations.
Badri had taken up the NOC position in March 2004 from Abdul-Hafith Zlitni.
There was also general consensus that the NOC Elective General Assembly will consist of the representatives of the national sports federations duly recognised by the respective International Federations at the time that the NOC elections take place.