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A logical operator that consists of a logical OR followed by a logical NOT and returns a true value only if both operands are false.

nor 1

 (nôr; nər when unstressed)
And not; or not; not either: has neither phoned nor written us; life forms that are neither plants nor animals.

[Middle English : ne, no; see no1 + or, or; see or1.]
Usage Note: When neither begins a balanced construction that negates two parts of a sentence, nor, not or, must introduce the second part. Thus standard usage requires He is neither able nor (not or) willing to go. Similarly, nor (not or) must be used to start the second of two negative independent clauses: He cannot find anyone now, nor does he expect to find anyone in the future. Jane will never compromise with Bill, nor will Bill compromise with Jane. Note that in these constructions nor causes an inversion of the auxiliary verb and the subject (does he... will Bill). However, when a verb is negated by not or never, and is followed by a negative verb phrase (but not an entire clause), either or or nor is acceptable: He will not permit the change or (or nor) even consider it. · In noun phrases of the type no this or that, or is more common than nor: He has no experience or interest (less frequently nor interest) in chemistry. Or is also more common than nor when such a noun phrase, adjective phrase, or adverb phrase is introduced by not: He is not a philosopher or a statesman. They were not rich or happy. The senator did not speak persuasively or movingly on the issue. See Usage Notes at neither, or1.

nor 2

 (nôr, nər when unstressed)
conj. Chiefly Southern & Midland US

[Middle English, perhaps ultimately from nor, nor; see nor1.]


(nɔː; unstressed)
conj, prep (coordinating)
1. neither ... nor (used to join alternatives) and not: neither measles nor mumps.
2. (foll by an auxiliary verb or: have, do, or be used as main verbs) (and) not … either: they weren't talented — nor were they particularly funny.
3. dialect than: better nor me.
4. poetic neither: nor wind nor rain.
[C13: contraction of Old English nōther, from nāhwæther neither]


(nɔr; unstressed nər)

1. (used in negative phrases, esp. after neither, to introduce the second member in a series, or any subsequent member): Neither he nor I will be there. They won't wait for you, nor for me, nor for anybody.
2. (used to continue the force of a negative, as not, no, never, etc., occurring in a preceding clause): I never saw him again, nor did I regret it.
3. (used after an affirmative clause, or as a continuative, in the sense of and not): They are happy, nor need we worry.
4. Older Use. than.
5. Archaic. (used without a preceding neither, the negative force of which is understood): He nor I was there.
6. Archaic. (used instead of neither as correlative to a following nor): Nor he nor I was there.
[1300–50; Middle English, contraction of nother, Old English nōther=ne not + ōther (contraction of ōhwæther) either; compare or1]
usage: See neither.


a Boolean operator that returns a positive result when both operands are negative.


a combining form used in the names of chemical compounds that are the normal or parent forms of the compound denoted by the base words: l-norepinephrine.
[short for normal]


1. North.
2. Northern.
3. Norway.


1. north.
2. northern.


1. 'neither ... nor'

You can use nor with neither to make a negative statement about two people or things.

Neither Maria nor Juan was there.
He spoke neither English nor French.
2. used for linking clauses

Nor is also used for linking negative clauses. You put nor at the beginning of the second clause, followed by an auxiliary verb, a modal, or be, followed by the subject and the main verb, if there is one.

The officer didn't believe me, nor did the girls when I told them.
We cannot give personal replies, nor can we guarantee to answer letters.
3. 'nor' in replies

You can reply to a negative statement using nor. You do this to show that what has just been said also applies to another person or thing. You can use neither in the same way with the same meaning.

'I don't like him.' – 'Nor do I.'
'I can't stand much more of this.' – 'Neither can I.'
ej hellerellerheller ikke
...도 아니고 또한 ...도 아니다
taip ir... ne-taip pat ne-
arī ne
och inte
ไม่ มักใช้คู่กับ neither
cũng không


[nɔːʳ] CONJ
1. (following "neither") → ni
neither Sarah nor Tamsin is coming to the partyno vienen ni Sarah ni Tamsin a la fiesta, ni Sarah ni Tamsin vienen a la fiesta
she neither eats nor drinksni come ni bebe
he was neither fat nor thinno estaba ni gordo ni delgado
2. (as complement to neg statement) "I don't work here" - "nor do I"-yo no trabajo aquí -ni yo (tampoco) or -yo tampoco
"I didn't like the film" - "nor did I"-no me gustó la película -a mí tampoco or -ni a mí
"we haven't seen him" - "nor have we"-no lo hemos visto -nosotros tampoco or -ni nosotros
I don't know, nor can I guessni lo sé, ni (tampoco) lo puedo adivinar, no lo sé y tampoco lo puedo adivinar
nor does it seem likelyni tampoco parece probable
nor was this ally esto no fue todo


[ˈnɔːr](STRONG) [nər]
neither ... nor → ni ... ni
neither the cinema nor the swimming pool → ni le cinéma, ni la piscine
nor did I → moi non plus
I didn't like the film. - Nor did I → Je n'ai pas aimé le film. - Moi non plus.
nor have I → moi non plus
I haven't seen him. - Nor have I → Je ne l'ai pas vu. - Moi non plus.
nor me! → moi non plus!


noch; neither … norweder … noch
(= and not)und … auch nicht; I shan’t go, nor will youich gehe nicht, und du auch nicht; nor do/have/am Iich auch nicht; nor was this allund das war noch nicht alles


(noː) conjunction
and not; neither. He did not know then what had happened, nor did he ever find out; I'm not going, nor is John.


وَلَا ani eller noch ούτε tampoco eikä ni niti ・・・もまた・・・ない ...도 아니고 또한 ...도 아니다 noch heller ikke ani nem тоже не och inte ไม่ มักใช้คู่กับ neither ne de cũng không 也不
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A logic comparator is made by two AND gates, Two inverter/NOT gates, and one NOR gate to be.
The attacker severed the wire of the AND gate's output and inserted an XOR gate and connected to it a NOR gate. The XOR gate is the hardware Trojan's payload and the NOR gate is its trigger.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Ic dgtl hcms trpl 3 i/p nor gate 74hc27 - 200.000 no
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He said that there had been 121 railway crossings in Balochistan since British era, in which 88 have neither any watchman nor gate. He said that people were travelling without tickets on Quetta-Chaman route and our revenue was only 1.7 million rupees and reached to Rs.13.5 million after we started checking.
When control inputs to the QCA circuit is 010, then QCA circuit functions as NOR gate, figure 6 shows the simulated waveform of NOR logic.
Because the Warren club is allowed to use grounds at the Daugherty Companies (a manufacturer of ag-related electronic equipment) free of charge, the club charges neither exhibitors' fees nor gate fees.
An AND gate inverts the signal propagated by a NAND gate while an OR gate inverts that propagated by a NOR gate. Note that, in CMOS technology, an and-gate is a NAND gate coupled with a NOT gate and an OR gate is a nor-gate followed by a not-gate and not the inverse [4].