nonstress test

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non·stress test

An ultrasound examination of a fetus that measures fetal well-being by correlating fetal movement with changes in fetal heartbeat.
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Ryan Livingstone, NST's head coach, said: "This new sponsorship agreement has been an incredibly natural process and is an obvious fit for us.
In the same report, NST quoted Syed Saddiq as saying the whole process to lower the voting age from 21 to 18 started last September 19 after the federal Cabinet gave its approval for the bid to start.
NST director Sam Hodges tweeted: "This only makes us more determined to tell these important stories on our stages."
In cementing a power supply deal with EDC, NST Apparel Director and Hamlin President Lawrence Delos Santos noted that such would be an integral part "to step up our sustainability initiatives for our tenants that manufacture our garments for our buyers."
'The NST Group is a proud Filipino company linking brands and manufacturers into creating clothes for world-class brands.
Tannic acid has no effect on body mass and no significant difference was detected in NST between pre- and the end of experiment in E.
On NST's brilliantly named album "Back When Tigers Smoked," she provides vocal sounds for the song "Red Tiger." Their repertoire also includes "Monk Song" and "Madame Ppaengdeok" from the pansori play "Simcheongga." Kim says they have more songs and will continue to record together this year.
This section will first present the discourse analysis for the newspaper report in the New Straits Times (NST), followed by the newspaper report in The Malay Mail (TMM).
Technology company Lagercrantz Group AB (STO:LAGRB) announced on Tuesday the acquisition of all shares in the Danish company NST DK A/S.
"PGL and NST are leaders in the experiential learning space in the UK.
[3] With the combined use of USG and NST for foetal surveillance it is possible to detect both acute and chronic insults of foetus and to provide appropriate management for positive outcome.