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n.1.Same as Nupson.
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Paolo 'Pulong' Duterte, President Rodrigo Duterte's son, and 30 other legislators who were supposed to have sworn as members of NUP, a party formed by former leaders and members disgruntled at the Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats (Lakas-CMD) of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.
This developed as Lakas-CMD, once a formidable political party under the Arroyo administration, snatched from NUP and PDP-Laban and two possible assets in the Lower House.
Pointing out that there is strength in unity, Duterte said he is willing to also be adopted by political parties other than the NUP. "If being adopted by most, if not all, political parties whose main objective is to be of service to the people, then I am more than willing to join all of you.
In a call issued on Monday, NUP deputy leader Mariam al Mahdi, NUP assistant leader Sallah Manna and Mohamed Zein said that It was agreed that the Sovereign Council shall be formed immediately after the final signing of the agreement with the TMC.
Also speaking, the NUP chairman, Alhaji Saidu Oladimeji, said that the purpose of the sensitisation tour was to create peace and mutual understanding among the federal, state and local government retirees in the state, adding that identifies misunderstanding were settled during the tour.
Former Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno, president of NUP, the country's second-biggest political party said, they are eyeing to support Cayetano, who 'we believe is someone all congressmen can look up to, and like Speaker Arroyo, was with President Duterte from the start and has a proven track record.'
However, when entering into a pre nup, certain formalities must still be observed as failure to do may impact on its enforceability.
Founded in 1893, NUP does $1.5 million in net sales today, has 15 staff members, and publishes about 60 new books a year in theater studies, literature, philosophy, and other areas of the humanities.
The Alliance for Economic Justice is a much looser arrangement, more focused on politics than the NUP, for example, but it has persisted past the primaries.
The NUP includes prominent politicians such as Davao City Rep.
Castro, who served as House Majority Leader during the previous 17th Congress, said he stepped down as president and left NUP out of "pure and simple delicadeza" following his open support to the speakership bid of Romualdez.
Puno said the 12, along with 25 "original" and 13 "adopted" NUP members, have been invited to the party's meeting this morning.