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Northwest Territories


abbreviation for
(Placename) Northwest Territories (of Canada)

n. wt.

net weight.


Northwest Territories.
Territoires du Nord-Ouest
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Based on the positive results obtained through work completed to date, NWT expects to continue its comprehensive exploration programme in Quebec, including additional drilling on the North Rae property.
NWT said that the deployment of Lucent's IMS platform will help it develop multimedia messaging and collaboration services, via a single platform, over various devices such as PDAs, mobile phones, telephones and notebook computers.
Entries should be sent to Julie Ashford, NWT, Garden House, St Nicholas Park, Gosforth, Newcastle, NE3 3XT, by September 30.
The Board chairs also announced that a draft cooperation plan to ensure the coordinated review of any proposal for the construction of a northern gas pipeline through the NWT will be released by mid-month for public comment prior to ratification by the relevant authorities.
Commenting on the developments, Schibsted's CFO Trond Berger welcomed NWT as supportive shareholder in Polaris Media, while expressing disappointment with the decision by NTM to sell back their stock in the firm.
The Committee also began to travel to communities throughout the NWT to meet with people who were concerned about their languages.
Uranium exploration stage company NWT Uranium Corp.
Preparation for the two new territories and related celebrations dominated the final days of the NWT Legislative Assembly prior to March 31st with a number of division-related pieces of legislation being passed.