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Northwest Territories


abbreviation for
(Placename) Northwest Territories (of Canada)

n. wt.

net weight.


Northwest Territories.
Territoires du Nord-Ouest
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Its principal exploration target is the exploration for gold on the Mon Gold Property, 40 km north of Yellowknife, NWT. The Mon Gold Property consists of 11 contiguous mining leases and 3 mineral claims, comprising an aggregate 1,536.92 acres, located in the South MacKenzie Mining District, NWT.
At present, NWT Bibles are available in six languages.
Simon Mayo said viewers 'felt as though they knew her', while BBC Five Live presenter and former NWT sports reporter Tony Livesey told how he was 'so proud' to be her friend.
Anyone looking for more information on research taking place in the NWT is welcome to view all past volumes of the publication on the ARI website (nwtresearch.com/resources/compendia-research) or to use the NWT Research Database (data.nwtresearch.
He said it is "completely in sync" with what NWT believe is happening here in North Wales.
The total value of the deal is some CZK 677,000 (USD 30,500/EUR 24,500), excluding VAT.A NWT won lots one and two for the delivery of mini-PCs with monitors and notebooks for technologyA students, while Pelant won lot three for the supply of notebooks for the Faculty of Humanities.A
Ahmed Tala'at, a member of the Nation without Torture (NWT) campaign, described the demonstration as "symbolic", adding that the campaign would escalate the situation if the forensic authority continued issuing "misleading" reports.
DIL has also signed the required monitoring agreement with the GNWT, ensuring that all NWT-mined diamonds purchased by DIL under supply agreements with NWT diamond producers are fully manufactured in the NWT.
Furthermore, NWT said it would buy Helsingborgs Dagblada[euro](tm)s stake in Polaris, bringing its total interest in the Norwegian firm to 14.4% and will remain a strategic investor in the long-term.
Territories (NWT), Moody's Investors Service says that the Canadian
Schmitt, along with Mayhew, Lockery, and New Worker Training (NWT) lead Lynda Fischer--PTS's core leadership team with a combined total of nearly 70 years in the training field--are the relative constant, leading a team of regional trainers in distance and classroom material development and training.
FAMILIES can join Northumberland Wildlife Trust (NWT) as it celebrates its 100th birthday.