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An ancient kingdom of southwest Asia in present-day Jordan, flourishing from the fourth century bc to ad 106, when it was conquered by Rome. Petra was its capital.
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Meanwhile, Antipas--Herod's son via another wife known as Malthace the Samaritan--had been in a long-standing marriage with the daughter of Aretas IV, king of Nabataea.
Speaking at the opening of the 3rd medical conference on Diabetic Food in a hospital in Nabataea, the minister hailed the hospital's administration and the Iranian Red Crescent which provided valuable assistance to this medical center.
Cleopatra began to regain the territories of Ptolemy II Philadelphos in 37 BC, when Antonius awarded her Phoenicia, Coele Syria and Cyprus, as well as parts of Cilicia, Judaea and Arabia Nabataea.