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also Nab·a·te·an  (năb′ə-tē′ən)
1. A subject of the kingdom of Nabataea.
2. The Aramaic dialect of the Nabataeans.
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(ˌnæbəˈtiːən) or


1. (Peoples) a member of an Arab trading people who flourished southeast of Palestine, around Petra, in the Hellenistic and Roman periods
2. (Languages) the extinct form of Aramaic spoken by this people
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Titled 'Desert Nomad', the mural is inspired by the history of Jordan, Petra and the Nabateans tribes, who depicted some of the earliest forms of wall art and graffiti across Petra and Wadi Rum, highlighting a deep local connection and the ancient desire for self-expression among the human race.
Al-Ula is one of the Crown Prince's numerous efforts to support the creation of a tourism economy in Saudi Arabia, and authorities anticipate two million visitors will eventually visit the Unesco Heritage Site each year, given its rock-hewn tombs and millennia-old stone carvings by Nabateans -- the same Arabs that built Jordanian city Petra.
Let's also not forget the Nabateans, whose wonderful legacy includes the stunning city of Petra.
The Nabateans, to the ancient Pharaohs, Persepolis and Samarkand were just some of the place Mr Iftikhar transported his audience to.
Over 5000 years old, it is home to Nabateans' second-largest city after Petra and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Accompanied by Saudi Culture Minister Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan Al Saud, the Crown Prince visited Madain Saleh and took photos of the landmark site which is considered the Nabateans' second-largest city after world-renowned Petra in neighbouring Jordan, reported Almowaten.
A region that is over-five-thousand-year-old and home to Nabateans' second-largest city after Petra and a Unesco World Heritage Site.
The first is the Urdon Shop in Amman, which sells products made by local communities, and the second is the Jordan Heritage Revival Company, which re-enacts historical events depicting the Nabateans in Petra, Roman soldiers in Jerash, and the Ayyubids and Crusaders in Shobak, in addition to "A Journey through 1916" in Wadi Rum.
We only ask that the Israeli ambassador and Netanyahu reciprocate by coming up to speed on the coins of the Tyrians and Galileans and Nabateans and the coins of ancient Phoenician and the Greek city-states along the coast of Palestine, Galilee and Lebanon.
Parcak and Tuttle wanted to find out how the Nabateans changed the land, ( according to Smithsonian Magazine .
Inspired by the ancient Arab culture and heritage of the Nabateans who created communities that promoted health consciousness, physical strength and sporting prowess, the design of Al Forsan Village uniquely offers its community a wide range of classical and modern sports.