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n.1.See Nacre.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Gda Glennon later testified he saw graffiti scratched on McDonnell's cell wall including: "Moran scummy nacker" and "Moran scum", which the prosecution claimed referred to Christopher Moran.
Further, it would be advisable for Wisconsin's furniture industry to research the possibility of attaining favorable tax status and improved regulatory advantages similar to those that the Wisconsin paper industry has recently gained (Nacker 2004).
It has in fact been established by several authors that congenitally blind subjects use the visual cortex to process different kinds of information, namely auditory (Kujala, Alho, Huotilainen, Ihmoniemi, Leinonen, Rinne, Salonen, Sinkkonen, Standertskjold-Nordenstam & Naatanen, 1997; Kujala, Albo, Kekoni, Hamalainen, Reinukainen, Salonen, Standertskjold-Nordenstam & Naatanen, 1995), tactile (Sadato, Pascual-Leone, Grafmau, Ibanez, Deibar, Dold & Hallett, 1996), somatosensitive (R6der, R6sler, Hennighausen & Nacker, 1996), and during the encoding and transformation of haptic images (Roder, Rosler & Hennighausen, 1997).
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Mindful eating and intuitive eating have been found to be inversely associated with binge and emotional eating (Katterman, Kleinman, Hood, Nackers, and Corsica, 2014).
Mindful eating interventions have been used to treat binge eating, emotional eating, and obesity (Katterman, Kleinman, Hood, Nackers, & Corsica, 2014), and have successfully led to weight loss, increased dietary self-efficacy, and decreased caloric and fat intake in perimenopausal women (Timmerman & Brown, 2012).
Este e um passo importante, pois a grande critica a dietas restritivas hipocaloricas, sempre foi o fato de trazer consigo queda na massa magra de seus pacientes e aumento do risco de reganho no longo prazo (Astrup e Rossner, 2000; Nackers, Ross e Perri, 2010).
'We have 6,572,949 followers on Facebook who receive an ever-decreasing amount of the content we publish on the network,' The Onion's Editor-in-chief Chad Nackers was quoted as saying.
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