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Noun1.Naemorhedus - gorals
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Bovidae, family Bovidae - true antelopes; cattle; oxen; sheep; goats
goral, Naemorhedus goral - small goat antelope with small conical horns; of southern Asian mountains
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Seasonal variation in the diet of the grey goral (Naemorhedus goral) in Machiara National Park (MNP), Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan.
The giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca), takin (Budorcas taxicolor), and goral (Naemorhedus griseus) are endemic to the Himalayan-Hengduan Mountains (Ge et al.
The reported species are Naemorhedus goral, Panthera pardus, Sus scrofa, Lepus nigricollis, Macaca mulatta, Canis aureus, Vulpes vulpes, Myotis myotis, Herpestes edwardsii and Hystrix indica.
Rojanasthien et al., "Gender, Season and Management Affect Fecal Glucocorticoid Metabolite Concentrations in Captive Goral (Naemorhedus griseus) in Thailand," PLoS ONE, vol.
Wild animals collected in the experimental area include Cervus elaphus, Lynx, Capreolus pygargus, Sus scrofa, and Naemorhedus goral.
Variations in the number of teeth in wild Japanese serow (Naemorhedus crispus).
Several antelopes, such as takins, serows (Capricornis sumatraensis), and gorals (Naemorhedus goral), occur sympatrically in the Qinling Mountains of China.
In addition, the area is important for a number of mammal species, including Moschus chrysogaster, Semnopithecus ajax (both Endangered), Ursus thibetanus (Vulnerable), Panthera pardus and Naemorhedus goral (both Near Threatened) (Awan and Awan, 2009).
Amongst mammals, wild Asiatic elephants Elephas maximus, dusky langurs Trachypithecus obscurus, Malayan porcupines Hystrix brachyura, Chinese grey goral Naemorhedus caudatus evansi, Indian wild boar Sus scrofa cristatus, Indian muntjac Muntiacus vaginalis and the rare banteng Bos javanicus were present (Lovari & Apollonio 1993, Pattanavibool & Dearden 2002).
There are caprine species in Pakistan divided in to 7 species and 5 subspecies (Mirza, 1975; Hesse et al., 1977; Roberts, 1997; Chaudhry, 2011) i.e., Western Himalayan goat (Naemorhedus goral); blue sheep (Pseudois nayur nayur); Sind wild goat (Capra aegagrus blythi); Chiltan wild goat (Capra aegagrus chialtnensis); Asiatic or Himalayan ibex (Ibex siberica); flare horned markhor (Capra falconeri falconeri); straight horned markhor (Capra falconeri megaceros); blandford urial (Ovis vignei blandfordi); Afghan urial (Ovis vignei cycloceros); Punjab urial (Ovis vignei punjabiensis); Ladakh urial (Ovis vignei vignei); Marcopolo sheep (Ovis ammon polii).