Nahanni River

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Na·han·ni River

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We can drift quietly past a moose in Maine or under an osprey nest on the Selway River in Idaho, or experience the adrenalin rush of hurding down foaming white rapids in Nahanni River in Canada.
We used mistnets (15 nights) and AnaBat ultrasound detectors (23 nights) to survey bats in the South Nahanni River Watershed and surrounding area, to undertake the first formal survey of bats in the Northwest Territories.
The Nahanni River, now a destination for extreme wilderness vacations, was trapped by Tetso for marten.
Bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) were captured in 24 of 43 streams sampled from three watersheds: the Kotaneelee River, the South Nahanni River, and the Central Mackenzie Mountains.
Perhaps better known is the aerial pursuit of Mad Trapper Albert Johnson in 1931-32 and the legends surrounding the Headless Valley on the Nahanni River.
The enlarged Park will cover most of the South Nahanni River watershed and will completely encircle the Prairie Creek Mine.
Patterson (1898-1984) written from 1927 to 1929, which trace his journey on the South Nahanni River in the Canadian wilderness.
Flight from Big Tangle was set in northern Saskatchewan and its sequel, Flight from Bear Canyon, was set along the Nahanni River Valley region of the Northwest Territories.
The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is urging the federal government to expand the boundaries of the Nahanni National Park Reserve in the North West Territories to include the entire watershed of the South Nahanni River, which is currently threatened by a proposed mine located 32 kilometers upstream from the park in the heart of the watershed.
Then there's the South Nahanni River region in Nahanni National Park Reserve, where incredible hiking opportunities are accessible from the river corridor.
(1) In his Times articles, Buchan conveys his fascination for the South Nahanni river, the prototype for the Sick Heart.
Float the Nahanni River, Nahanni Park Reserve, Northwest Territories, Canada.