Nail plate

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iron in plates from which cut nails are made.

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Yellow nails Stained, yellow nails tend to be caused by smoking or nail varnish that's been painted straight onto the nail plate without a protective base coat.
The nail plate is the wrong place; a biopsy obtained there will result in an inappropriate benign diagnosis.
Congenital malalignment of the great toenails is an underrecognized and underreported nail disorder characterized by lateral deviation of the nail plate, which is not parallel to the longitudinal axis of the distal phalanx.
To the Editor: Ingrown toenail, also known as onychocryptosis or unguis incarnates, occurs when the periungual skin is punctured by its corresponding nail plate, resulting in a cascade of foreign body, inflammatory, infectious, and reparative processes.
An examination revealed that the proximal nail plate was discontinuous with the distal nail plate on the bilateral first, second, and third toenails.
"This is because the surface keratin layer of the nail can be traumatised if the gel polish is peeled off the nail plate."
"Apply a coat of nail polish to your nails on your hands and feet, as this will prevent tan from staining the nail plate," advised Marissa Carter, founder of tanning brand Cocoa Brown.
'When that happens, yeast, bacteria, mold and mildew can develop underneath the nail plate, which can lead to long-term problems.
Four patients (2.7%) each had complete pigmentation of nail plate, nail plate thickening and beau's line.
Nail clipping of the distal nail plate is easy to perform and is harmless and painless for the patient8.