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Noun1.salah - the second pillar of Islam is prayer; a prescribed liturgy performed five times a day (preferably in a mosque) and oriented toward Mecca
worship - the activity of worshipping
pillar of Islam - (Islam) one of the five religious obligations accepted by all Muslims
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NEGATIVE points outweigh positive ones, mostly ideologically, as Islam is not practiced, though Muslims offer religious Namaaz worship prayers, and do not act on it, breaking their promises made in Namaaz, for umpteenth times daily!
So, we have appealed to people to not conduct animal sacrifice on August 12 and only do namaaz. Sacrifice can be done next day," KH Naqvi, General Secretary, United Shia Movement had said.
The order made special mention of namaaz which workers of the companies in the area used to perform in the park.
'Today, you are offering namaaz (prayer), tomorrow you will build a mosque here,' they said jeeringly.
'Do waqt ki roti kamata hoon, panch waqt ki namaaz padhta hoon ...
Most people have reduced namaaz to a robotic verbal and physical exercise.
After offering the Eid 'namaaz' (prayers), it was time for the celebrations with family, friends, neighbours and community people, savouring and serving each other the festival special dish of 'sheer-korma', a sweet preparation of milk, vermicelli and dry fruits.
In Mumbai and he rest of Maharashtra, the faithful, clad in their festival finery, congregated at the 600-plus mosques in the city and other parts of the state to offer the special Eid namaaz, in many areas braving heavy rains.
A FIF volume explained that "We have taught them namaaz (Islamic prayer), as well as the required prayers to recite before and after a meal.
" What kind of Muslims killing people on Eid rather than attending namaaz? Those who carry out such heinous crimes, do not believe in Islam.
(Bashiri, n.d.) Vali gis-sefide khaaneh ke kiabia bud va namaaz mikhaand va az muye gorbeh hazar mikard.
Main pooja karoon, ya namaazein padhoon Ardaas karoon din rain Na tu mandir mile, na tu girje mile Tujhe dhoondhein thake mere nain Should I worship you (like Hindus do), Or should I offer you a namaaz (like Muslims do) Should I offer an ardaas (like Sikhs do) You are neither found in the temple, nor in the Church, my tired eyes look for you...