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 (nä′mən-gän′, nə-mən-)
A city of eastern Uzbekistan east of Tashkent. It has textile and food-processing industries.


(Russian nəmanˈɡan)
(Placename) a city in E Uzbekistan. Pop: 471 000 (2005 est)


(ˌnɑ mənˈgɑn)

a city in E Uzbekistan, NW of Andizhan. 341,000.
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The ceremony of laying the foundation of the Uzbek-Chinese-Arab joint venture "Popcement" was held in the Namangan region, UzA reported.
The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) has its roots in an organization formed in 1991 by a former Uzbek paratrooper, Jumaboi Khojaev (Juma Namangani), and a religious scholar named Tahir Yuldashev with the aim of implementing sharia in their hometown of Namangan in the Ferghana Valley.
CNPC signed a deal with UNG in May 2007 to participate in a joint gas exploration project in the eastern Namangan province.
The sole road between the Tashkent province and the Pap district of Namangan province runs through this pass.
Summary: On 29 December 2015, Uzbekenergo announced a tender for the construction of the Turakurgan thermal power station in the Namangan region.
Earlier it was reported that the authorities had ordered the removal of Koran banners from the walls of more than 20 mosques in Namangan.
In August HAS-shipped machines to customers like Namangan MS, Bayteks, Kezar Tekstil, Bek Mega Textile and Forest Color.
These took place in Fergana relatively late: surveying had started in 1889 and covered the whole district of Andijan (and one volost'in Osh district) in 1893, Margelan in 1896, Namangan in 1899, and Kokand in 1902.
In cities such as Namangan, these young followers formed vigilante groups, the most prominent of which was called "Adolat Uyushmasi," or Justice Union.
Only within the period from August 1 to September 2005 in the frames of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) grant "Reproductive health" pilot study was conducted in Andijan and Namangan regions of Uzbekistan.
Epidemiological and entomological survey in a focus of visceral leishmaniasis in Pap district (Fergana Valley) of Namangan region, Uzbekistan.
Former world number one Lleyton Hewitt inspired Australia to a five-set doubles victory to take the edge over Uzbekistan in the Davis Cup Asia-Oceania Group one second round tie in Namangan on Saturday.