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 (nä′mä, -mə)
n. pl. Nama or Na·mas
1. A member of a people of southwest Africa.
2. The Khoikhoi language of the Nama.
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(ˈnɑːmə) or


npl -ma, -mas, -qua or -quas
1. (Peoples) a member of a Khoikhoi people living chiefly in Namaqualand
2. (Languages) the Khoikhoi language spoken by this people, belonging to the Khoisan family. See also Damara
ˈNaman, Naˈmaquan n, adj
Usage: Nama is the generally accepted noun and adjective to refer to members of the Khoikhoi people
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(ˈnɑ mɑ, -mə)

n., pl. Na•mas, (esp. collectively) Na•ma, Na•ma•qua (nəˈmɑ kwə)
1. a member of a Khoikhoi people of central and S Namibia.
2. the language of the Nama.
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2019 Namaqua Fairtrade Reserve Selection Chenin Chardonnay PS5.50 instead of PS6.50 until July 16 at the Co-op Reports suggest South Africa's 2019 harvest will be high in quality.
Single-cultivar wines that made the final assessment were: Allee Bleue Black Series Syrah 2015; Allee Bleue Shiraz 2016; Antonij Rupert Syrah 2014; Cederberg Shiraz 2017; De Grendel Shiraz 2017; De Grendel Shiraz 2016; Glen Carlou Syrah 2017; Tamboerskloof Syrah 2015 (Kleinood); Lomond Estate Syrah 2015; Spencer Bay Shiraz 2012 (Namaqua Wines); Oldenburg Vineyard Syrah 2015; Constitution Road Shiraz 2015 (Robertson Winery); and Stellenview Reserve Shiraz 2016.
There's even a dedicated telephone hotline for 'bloom hunters' giving flower location hotspots and flower sighting updates along the Namaqua Flower Trail.
Species like Spur-winged lapwing, Vanellus spinosus, and Namaqua dove, Oena capensis, responded to patchiness and animal trampling (r = 0.89, p<0.0001, axis I), in portions along the riparian zone (Figure 6, Tables 3 and 4).
Nest-site selection, egg pigmentation and clutch predation in the ground-nesting Namaqua Sandgrouse Pterocles namaqua.
Their demands included government recognition not only of their leadership, but also of eighteen clans, including the Namaqua, Griqua and Hassequa.
* The South African Wine market is competitive and is led by Namaqua, Paarle Perl, Autumn Harvest Crackling and Sedgewick's Old Brown Sherry which together account for 30.3% share of the market
(27) 'Africaander' here presumably represented one of the extant Namaqua or Ronderib Afrikaner breeds (or a related extinct variety), mutton stock with fat deposits distributed around the tail and with hairy rather than woolly coats, likely the result of selection for kaross production (Campbell 1995; Smith 2000: 223).
Of the 812 rodents and shrews tested (Table 1), arenavirus RNA was found in lung tissue samples of 4 Namaqua rock mice (Micaelamys [Aethomys] namaquensis), 3 from Okahandja (N73, N80, N85) and 1 from Mariental (N27).
The Namaqua, indigenous to South Africa, moved north into Namibia during the late 1700s fleeing slavery at the Cape of Good Hope, a Dutch colony at the time.
my earliest memory: a radiant moon silently rising above the rim of our backyard in its light I saw my slender shadow fall endlessly through a craggy, cold eternity- there where I stood in a landscape of dolerite by day a Namaqua woman looked after me her clicking speech echoed in my Afrikaans a magnet that must hold me here in the moon's trance the language that has me holding on tight as across Africa's cracked lip its fevered breath blows hard Die samestellers se invalshoek van die "moderne" is van belang in die lig van wat Steiner (7, 27) noem die "informing sphere of sensibility".