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 (nə-mä′kwə-lănd′) or Na·ma·land (nä′mə-)
A mostly arid region of southwest Africa divided by the Orange River into Great Namaqualand in Namibia and Little Namaqualand in South Africa.


(Placename) a semiarid coastal region of SW Africa, extending from near Windhoek, Namibia, into W South Africa: divided by the Orange River into Little Namaqualand in South Africa, and Great Namaqualand in Namibia; rich mineral resources. Area: 47 961 sq km (18 518 sq miles). Also called: Namaland


(nəˈmɑ kwəˌlænd)

also Na•ma•land

(ˈnɑ mə-)

a region in the S part of Namibia, extending into the Republic of South Africa.
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This is my first glimpse of the world-famous wild flowers of remote Namaqualand, an area stretching 1,000km along the West Coast and into Namibia.
Le Fleur thus designates Antjie a "Rain Sister"; this makes her responsible "for collecting and carrying back radical moisture" from the Cape to Namaqualand, where the Griquas lived (153).
The Drakensberg Mountains are stunningly beautiful, while Namaqualand in the Northern Cape offers a unique explosion of flowers, but perhaps what is most attractive about South Africa is this rich diversity of cultures.
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There remain several thousand Nama speakers in the Namaqualand area and along the Orange River, and approximately a thousand Khoedam speakers currently live in Schmidtsdrift, near Kimberley.
It is thought De Beers may now choose to dispose of its Kimberley mine and it hopes it will conclude the sale of its Namaqualand mine this year.