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Noun1.Namtar - a demon personifying death; messenger of the underworld goddess Ereshkigal bringing death to mankind
Mesopotamia - the land between the Tigris and Euphrates; site of several ancient civilizations; part of what is now known as Iraq
Sumer - an area in the southern region of Babylonia in present-day Iraq; site of the Sumerian civilization of city-states that flowered during the third millennium BC
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And despite the fact that Schmitt has based the story on a Tibetan namtar, he skilfully weaves a web of invisible threads that capture Buddhism in its entirety.
"protective goddess," who carries the individual's shimtu (shimta, shamu) (equivalent to the Sumerian NAM = unalterable predetermined "destiny"; and NAMTAR, the "allotted NAM" = predetermined, but alterable "fate"; cf.
In the Akkadian literary texts, the situation is somewhat different: in Nergal and Erakigal, for example, of which an abbreviated Middle Babylonian copy is known, Anu sends his messenger Kakka to the netherworld to tell Eregkigal of a divine banquet; Eregkigal sends her vizier/messenger Namtar (here apparently not functioning as the harmful daimon Namtar) to the heavens to receive her portion of the banquet; and the god Nergal, sent to the netherworld as punishment for slighting Eregligal, tricks the netherworld's gatekeeper into releasing him on the pretense that he is acting as Eregkigal's messenger.
Enkhsaikhan Namtar, office manager of the International Takhi Group, an organization dedicated to saving wild Mongolian horses.
"To my darling Namtar, slave of a jealous and disapproving society, if I know anything, and my dear I do, you will have read the first page of my tale and opted to begin with my more congruous beginnings.