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 (năn′sē, näN-sē′)
A city of northeast France east of Paris. The capital of the duchy and region of Lorraine, the city passed to France in 1766. It was heavily bombed in World War II.


 (năn′sē) also nance (năns)
n. pl. nan·cies also nanc·es Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for an effeminate man, especially one who is gay.

[From the name Nancy.]


n, pl -cies
a. an effeminate or homosexual boy or man
b. (as modifier): his nancy ways.
[C20: from the girl's name Nancy]


(ˈnænsɪ; French nɑ̃si)
(Placename) a city in NE France: became the capital of the dukes of Lorraine in the 12th century, becoming French in 1766; administrative and financial centre. Pop: 107 434 (2006)


(ˈnæn si; Fr. nɑ̃ˈsi)

a city in NE France. 306,982.
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Noun1.Nancy - a city in northeastern France in LorraineNancy - a city in northeastern France in Lorraine
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe


n, nancy-boy
n (dated esp Brit inf)
(= homosexual)Schwule(r) m
(= softy)Weichling m (pej)
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can talk way out anything He added: "Virtually the next day, I got sent this tape from Placebo, with six tracks, four of which went on to be top 40 songs like Nancy Boy and Teenage Angst.
In other tweets that some people may find offensive, Dr Ranj referred to one of his friends as "nancy boy" and addressed them by saying, "Morning you filthy s**t".
Hits such as Nancy Boy and Bruise Pristine cemented them as an alternative rock group for those looking for something a bit different from the Britpop scene which dominated at the time.
I grew up in a world where homosexual sex was illegal, and queer was a pejorative label on a par with 'nancy boy'.
I had to write, 'I am a nancy boy - I must change' 100 times.
Donald, 40, backed Charlie - son of Swansea City chief Martin Morgan - saying: "He's portrayed as a spoilt nancy boy but it couldn't be further from the truth."
"They didn't even consider superfluous nancy boy amenities like navigation systems (real men don't get lost), heated leather seats (a real man doesn't let anything warm his butt), or Bluetooth (real men don't even know what the hell Bluetooth is)," she wrote.
Hyd yn oed yn yr ysgol fe gafodd ei gosbi a'i orfodi i ysgrifennu ganwaith - 'I am a nancy boy and must change' - ac fe geisiodd gyflawni hunan laddiad.
6 Nancy Boy was a 1997 UK top ten hit for which multi-national band?
It was based on a true story, and the guy who was our military adviser, he was the real-life character I was playing so it was very difficult for me because he's training to become a cage fighter, and I'm just a nancy boy actor.
JUVENTUS defender Nicola Legrottaglie may have a girl's name but it would take a brave man to call him a nancy boy.
"Nancy Boy" and "Pure Morning" were early hits, though the song "Special K," which talks about love like it is a Ketamine high, got the band into a bit of trouble.