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A microscopic robot built from nanoscale components, typically 0.1 to 10 micrometers in length.

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a microscopically small robot
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"The killer app for nanotech will be nanobots. By 2020, nanobot intelligence will be distributed and will communicate with each other and our bodies." --Ray Kurzweil, inventor and entrepreneur Square-Root Intelligence
Engineers won't have to figure out how to tell each little nanobot in a swarm where to go and how to get there, and none of the parts can get lost or go wild.
"I do not believe its really stone, but a condensed nanobot micro material that strengthens the UFO-like stone, but actually is a complex network.
Nugen's multidisciplinary lab at Cornell University is currently working on advancing this nanobot platform, which may end up being commercialized as a portable kit, rather than a test for a traditional lab setting.
To determine whether and how fast the robot arms would line up with an electric field, the researchers affixed several million nanobot arms to a glass substrate and placed this into a sample holder with electrical contacts designed specifically for the purpose.
As the patient is undergoing nanobot therapy, there could be a variety of possible scenarios:
IMPLANTING DEVICES: Instead of implanting devices as we have seen in some cases, it might be possible to send nanobot to build the necessary structures inside the body.
The OctoMag team has worked on other means of nanobot locomotion, including a system of artificial flagellar movement inspired by the locomotion of bacteria, but this particular robot moves solely with the help of magnets.
Not your everyday nanobot zombie apocalypse tale, The Birthday Problem has character-driven depth.
"1 don't expect you to stop, but I hope others in the chemical community will join with me in turning on the light and showing our children that, while our future in the real world will be challenging and there are real risks, there will be no such monster as the self-replicating mechanical nanobot of your dreams."