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(French nɑ̃ˈtɛr)
(Placename) a town in N France, on the Seine: an industrial suburb of Paris. Pop: 90 903 (2006)



a city in N France: W suburb of Paris. 90,371.
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Toward the end of the fourth day of the journey Athos and Aramis reached Nanterre, which place they cautiously passed by on the outskirts, fearing that they might encounter some troop from the queen's army.
The procession was met at Nanterre by a brilliant escort of cavaliers and carriages.
Gardens of the development work of the arch of La Dfense in Nanterre - phases 3-6 Lot 3 Landscape.
Sarkozy arrived early Tuesday to be quizzed by investigators at their offices in Nanterre, west of Paris, after his lawyer was held for questioning on Monday.
Des medailles de merite et attestations honorifiques ont ete decernees, jeudi soir, lors d'une ceremonie organisee a Nanterre, a deux militants francais anticolonialistes qui ont fait le choix, durant la guerre de Liberation nationale, d'exprimer leur soutien indefectible au peuple algerien dans sa lutte contre l'ordre colonial.
FRENCH champions Nanterre have made it to the big league and couldn't face a bigger task than CSKA Moscow for their first fixture, writes Steve Davies.
Nanterre, champion de France surprise, et son dauphin Strasbourg vont connaEtre l'identite de leurs adversaires dans la tres "select" Euroligue, jeudi (12h00) lors du tirage au sort a Barcelone.
The two women filed a murder lawsuit in July in Nanterre after an investigation by Al-Jazeera claimed that Arafat may have been killed by radioactive polonium.
French lawyer Aurelien Hamelle, who is to represent the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, leaves the court in Nanterre, France, in Paris
The Palestinian Liberation Organisation and the Association France Palestine Solidarit, an advocacy group, had filed a lawsuit in a Nanterre court to hold the companies accountable for their alleged violation of international laws that France is party to.
La Dame-du-bord-de-l'eau was published in 1988 by the Society of Ethnology, Nanterre, and Baptandier (Chinese anthropology, U.
The material recovery facility (MRF) in Nanterre, France, near Paris, operated by Veolia Environmental Services, has earned ISO and OHSAS certifications, according to a press release from the company.