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also Nan·tung  (nän′to͝ong′)
A city of eastern China northwest of Shanghai on the northern bank of the Yangtze River estuary.


(ˈnænˈtʌŋ) or


(Placename) a city in E China, in Jiangsu province on the Yangtze estuary. Pop: 898 000 (2005 est)



also Nan•tung


a city in SE Jiangsu province, in E China, on the Chang Jiang. 389,988.
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Jianghai Film"), a subsidiary of Nantong Jianghai Capacitor Co.
Land Offshore, a new offshore engineering firm based in Yancheng of Jiangsu, has offered a contract to Nantong Rainbow Offshore to build a self-elevating wind farm installation platform.
The company currently operates a four-line plant in Nantong, which is known as Toray Polytech (Nantong) Co.
8 MW photovoltaic solar energy DG plant in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province for SPI Energy Co.
Chip designer AMD and Nantong Fujitsu Microelectronics Co Ltd (NFME) have announced that they have closed the transaction to create a joint venture offering differentiated assembly, test, mark, and pack (ATMP) capabilities to both AMD and a broader range of customers.
It said 12 factory workers and eight firemen were landed in hospitals in Qidong and Nantong with injuries.
Nantong, renowned for its home textiles, Xioxing, for fabrics, and Anji, for office furniture, were represented by well-known manufacturers showcasing their products at the exhibition, said a statement from the event.
About 10 years ago, after serving as director of development and production for Xerox, Lu cofounded Nantong Polymax Elastomer Technology Co.
Lucie, FL), Ross Engineering (Savannah, GA), Ross Systems 8c Controls (Savannah, GA), Nantong Ross Mixing Equipment (Nantong, China), Ross Wuxi Equipment (Wuxi, China) and Ross Process Equipment (Pune, India), both personally and from his seat at the Hauppauge, NY corporate headquarters.
Work has also commenced for the barge that Keppel Nantong is building for Smit Shipping.
And 137 of the injured have been transferred to hospitals in nearby cities of Suzhou, Wuxi, Nantong and Shanghai.
Tate & Lyle has announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire the business and assets of Winway Biotechnology Nantong Co Ltd ("Winway"), a leading producer of polydextrose speciality fibre in the People's Republic of China.