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Noun1.Nantua - white sauce with whipping cream and shrimp butterNantua - white sauce with whipping cream and shrimp butter
sauce - flavorful relish or dressing or topping served as an accompaniment to food
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Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: programme 515 002 - roof terrace restoration work and installation of handrails in dortan and repair of parts and change wet landing doors in nantua.
Three young Namibians, Veleria Nantua, Likius Neshila and Petrina Shivute, have been given the opportunity to star in a Nollywood production.
Mains include lamb rack with pancetta rolled potatoes, aubergine puree and rosemary jus; and steamed monkfish, mash potatoes with braised leek and Nantua sauce.
The seafood rested in a Nantua Sauce, tucked into a puff pastry cornucopia, with beets and asparagus alongside.
There are plump chicken mousses with a sauce mornay, asparagus and truffle; towers of meticulously cut chartreuse-style vegetables accompany crayfish and Nantua sauce; roasted venison has a rich Grand-Veneur sauce; and, of course, there is the classic Belle [ETH]poque dessert, la pche Melba.
raw Bayonne ham and fresh figs, a hot sausage in crust, spindles of filleted pike in a rich rose sauce Nantua, a leg of lamb larded with anchovies, artichokes on a pedestal of foie gras, and four or five kinds of cheese, with a good bottle of Bordeaux and one of champagne.
Among the selections are Lobster and Brie Rellenos With Nantua Sauce, Goat Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Rellenos With Golden Tomato Vinaigrette and Bread Salad, Chiles en Nogado and Crab Casserole Chiles Rellenos.
We also enjoyed some wonderful freshwater crayfish which I served with a sauce Nantua.
In some cases, the Conseil upheld the banning of some students, as in the case of two at Nantua who resisted the removal of their head coverings in the interest of safety during physical-education class.