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An island of southeast Massachusetts south of Cape Cod, from which it is separated by Nantucket Sound, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean. Settled in 1659, the island was part of New York until 1692, when it was ceded to Massachusetts. It was a whaling center until the mid-1850s and is now a popular resort.

Nan·tuck′et·er n.


(Placename) an island off SE Massachusetts: formerly a centre of the whaling industry; now a resort. Length: nearly 24 km (15 miles). Width: 5 km (3 miles). Pop (county and town): 10 724 (2003 est)


(nænˈtʌk ɪt)

an island off SE Massachusetts: summer resort. 5087; 15 mi. (24 km) long.
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Noun1.Nantucket - an island resort off Cape CodNantucket - an island resort off Cape Cod; formerly a center of the whaling industry
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Much was I disappointed upon learning that the little packet for Nantucket had already sailed, and that no way of reaching that place would offer, till the following Monday.
The Pequod's signal was at last responded to by the stranger's setting her own; which proved the ship to be the Jeroboam of Nantucket.
A strange, apostolic whim having seized him, he had left Neskyeuna for Nantucket, where, with that cunning peculiar to craziness, he assumed a steady, common sense exterior and offered himself as a green-hand candidate for the Jeroboam's whaling voyage.
In the month of August, 1841, I attended an anti- slavery convention in Nantucket, at which it was my happiness to become acquainted with FREDERICK DOUGLASS, the writer of the following Narrative.
Some long-haired, bare-necked youths, who, forced by the united influences of Captain Marryatt and hard times, embark at Nantucket for a pleasure excursion to the Pacific, and whose anxious mothers provide them, with bottled milk for the occasion, oftentimes return very respectable middle-aged gentlemen.
8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Nantucket Looms, the iconic shop located in the heart of Nantucket's historic downtown district has launched a new website, NantucketLooms.
Notes: Questions concerning this IFB must be submitted in writing to: Heidi Bauer, Chief Procurement Officer, 16 Broad Street, Nantucket, MA 02554 before 2:00 PM, Monday, November 30, 2015.
The suspect in the robbery has bushy blond hair and hairy toes, but searching for someone like that on Nantucket can lead to swimming in the Nantucket Boat Basin, uncovering a still-simmering family feud, and stealing stolen diamonds.
New York based carrier JetBlue Airways (Nasdaq:JBLU) on Thursday announced its inaugural seasonal service from Boston's Logan International Airport (BOS) to Nantucket Memorial Airport (ACK).
com)-- The Nantucket Race Week Committee, organizers of the 38th Annual Opera House Cup and the 7th Nantucket Race Week, an eight day series of youth, one design, PHRF, and 12 meter regattas, announces their commitment to earning Sailors for the Sea's GOLD Clean Regatta certification for all of their dry sailed and one design regattas.
Yet, for some folks, the word Nantucket conjures up images of artfully crafted baskets.
While still in her teens, she became a teacher and then a librarian at the Nantucket Atheneum, which housed public lectures by distinguished speakers.