Naphthol blue

(Chem.) brilliant dyestuffs produced from certain complex nitrogenous derivatives of naphthol or naphthoquinone.

See also: Naphthol

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1 % decolorization of naphthol blue black and rodamin 6G in presence of vanillin and by pointed gourd peroxidase, respectively.
The meristemoids were intensely stained with naphthol blue.
Naphthol blue black (dye content [greater than or equal to] 85%)
Distilled water 500 mL 5-Sulfosalicylic acid 20 g Naphthol blue black 3 g Sodium carbonate 3 g Formic acid 50 mL Glacial acetic acid 50 mL Kodak Photo-Flo[TM] 600 solution 12.
Citric acid stock solution 1000 mL Naphthol blue black 2 g Kodak Photo-Flo[TM] 600 solution 2 mL