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 (năf′thôl′, -thōl′, -thŏl′, năp′-) also naph·tol (-tôl, -tōl, -tŏl)
A hydroxy derivative of naphthalene, C10H8O, occurring in two isomeric forms: alpha-naphthol, used in making dyes and perfumes, and beta-naphthol, used in making antioxidants, pigments, dyes, and pharmaceuticals.

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(ˈnæfθɒl; ˈnæp-)
(Chemistry) a white crystalline solid having two isomeric forms, alpha-naphthol, used in dyes, and beta-naphthol, used in dyes and as an antioxidant. Formula: C10H7OH
[C19: from naphtha + -ol1]
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(ˈnæf θɔl, -θɒl, ˈnæp-)

either of two isomeric hydroxyl derivatives, C10H7OH, of naphthalene: used chiefly in dyes, drugs, perfumes, and insecticides.
[1840–50; napth(a) + -ol1]
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Noun1.naphthol - either of two phenols derived from naphthalene
alpha-naphthol - an isomer of naphthol used in dyes
beta-naphthol - an isomer of naphthol used in rubber as an antioxidant
phenol - any of a class of weakly acidic organic compounds; molecule contains one or more hydroxyl groups
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These effects will decrease the alkylating ability of the modified MAO at the stage of pre-catalyst activation, resulting in the rapid decline of activity with the increasing dosage of naphthols. Of cause, the reactions between naphthols and MAO are very complicated, it is also reasonable that the naphthols would cause the structure re-arrangement, collapse or decomposition of MAO.
The synthesis of 2,3-dihydro- 1H-naphtho[1,2e]-, 3,4-dihydro-2H-naphtho[2,1-e][1,3]oxazines involves one-pot condensation cyclization reaction of naphthols with formaldehyde and primary amines.
Furthermore, phenol made up 0.6% of the concentrated product 2, thymol 1.10% and naphthols 3.32%.
Another study was reported from China [8], in which the method to quantify the 1-OHPyr, and [alpha]-/[beta], naphthols simultaneously was developed.
They also performed patch test in these workers and found out that Red RC base and naphthols were the commonest allergens.
The initial rates of the naphthols and p-phenylphenol oxidations were linearly dependent on enzyme concentration.
"We are expanding our current lines of phthalocyanines, indanthrones, naphthols, titanantes, copper and cobalt spinels, and anti-corrosive pigments with new chemistries and higher quality with regard to color strength, chroma, resistant properties, and more," says McBride.
Dry organic pigments include phthalo blues and greens, naphthols, carbazole violet, red lake C and other shades of red, yellow, and orange.
Multiple linear regression analyses were conducted to investigate the relative contributions of dermal and inhalation exposure to JP-8, and demographic and work-related covariates, to the levels of urinary naphthols. Our results show that both inhalation exposure and smoking significantly contributed to urinary 1-naphthol levels.
1-Amidoalkyl-2-naphthol derivatives are a class of organic compounds, which act as important building blocks for the synthesis of biologically important natural products, various drug-like molecules, such as aminoalkyl naphthols [9] and 1,3-oxazine frameworks [10] having hypotensive, bradycardiac, HIV protease inhibitory, anti-Parkinson's, and antibacterial activities [11-14].
Types of pigments: Blacks (carbon), Blues (phthalocynine, ultramarine, iron), Greens (phthalocynine), Reds (organic, azo, naphthols), Specialty pigments (pearlescent), Yellow and oranges