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also Na·rev  (nä′rəf)
A river rising in western Belarus and flowing about 440 km (275 mi) to northeast Poland and then generally west and southwest to the Western Bug River near its confluence with the Vistula River.


(ˈnɑ rɛf)

a river in NE Poland, flowing S and SW into the Bug River: battle 1915. 290 mi. (465 km) long.
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The new sites are: the Druzno Lake Nature Reserve (3,068 ha), in the Vistula Delta region, the Narew River National Park (7,350 ha) - an area potentially threatened by the construction of the Siemanowska dam on the Belarus-Polish border and the water pollution from towns upstream, the Poleski National Park (9,762 ha) already identified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and a Natura 2000 protected site, sub-Alpine peat bogs in Karkonosze Mountains (40 ha), a National Park also classified as a UNESCO Bilateral Biosphere Reserve (discussions are continuing on joint management with the Czech Republic), and finally, at the Wigry National Park (15,085 ha), a wetland system around Wigry Lake and 42 smaller lakes of glacial origin and associated peat bogs.
At the beginning of February 1807, General Savary took over from Lannes at the head of the 5th Corps; he ordered the divisions to march up the Narew river to link up with the mass of the Grande Armee.