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(Placename) another name for the Narmada


(nərˈbʌd ə)

a river flowing W from central India to the Arabian Sea. 800 mi. (1290 km) long.
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Tenders are invited for 100 hp old centrifugal pump complete repairing at the site of narmada river for lump sum work
The Narmada River is reportedly expected to swell by 1.5 feet due to the release of water from the dam.
The main expected benefits from the project are: *Transportation of passengers, tourists and workers between the UAE (as well as other GCC countries) and India; *Export oil and gas from Fujairah Port to India via a pipeline and possibly China and Pakistan; *Import water from Narmada River, north of Mumbai to the UAE (it is well noted that the Narmada River is flooding during monsoon season; excess water may be exported to the UAE); *Transport goods and commodities between the two nations; *Supply bunker fuel to ships passing between the floating pontoons via a floating bunker fuel station
There will be export of oil to India from Fujairah port and import of excess water from Narmada River, north of Mumbai.
The region has a history of activism against several other projects, such as a planned series of dams on the Narmada river.
This framework has been successfully applied in New Zealand (the Whanganui River, Te Urewera National Park and Mount Taranaki), in India (Narmada River) and in Colombia (Colombian Amazon, Pisba Highlands and Atrato River).
Modi, who ordered the statue built on the Narmada river when he was Gujarat chief minister, said last year there had been efforts to "belittle" or "remove from history" the contributions of Patel, who helped unite India's 562 princely states as the first home, or interior, minister.
The record-breaking monument, which towers over the Narmada River, was built at a cost of 29.89 billion rupees (430 million dollars).
The statue was built on Sadhu island on the Narmada river in the Indian state of Gujarat to honor freedom fighter and India's first home minister, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. 
The $430m Statue of Unity, built on an island in Narmada river, was inaugurated by Modi on Wednesday in the western Indian state of Gujarat, home to both Patel and Modi, Al Jazeera reported.
2,989 crore, the statue depicts Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, India's first home minister,A wearing a traditional dhoti and shawl, towering over the Narmada River.
There are also in these documentaries, as Bishnupriya Ghosh argues, a political aesthetic and an affective cartography mobilized by the Narmada river itself--often swelling and immense--and the heroic figure of the displaced victim such as the ferryman silhouetted against the sky in Dhuru and Patwardhan's film.