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A strait of southeast New York between Brooklyn and Staten Island in New York City and connecting Upper and Lower New York Bay. The Narrows is spanned by the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, one of the longest suspension bridges in the world.


pl n
(Physical Geography) a narrow part of a strait, river, current, etc


(ˈnær oʊz)

The, a strait between Staten Island and Long Island in New York Bay. 2 mi. (3.2 km) long.
مَضيق، بوغاز
dar boğaz


(ˈnӕrəu) adjective
1. having or being only a small distance from side to side. a narrow road; The bridge is too narrow for large lorries to cross.
2. only just managed. a narrow escape.
3. (of ideas, interests or experience) not extensive enough.
to make or become narrow. The road suddenly narrowed.
ˈnarrowly adverb
closely; only just. The ball narrowly missed his head.
ˈnarrows noun plural
a narrow sea-passage; a channel or strait.
ˌnarrow-ˈminded adjective
unwilling to accept ideas different from one's own.
References in classic literature ?
The current had turned at right angles, sweeping round along with it the tall schooner and the little dancing coracle; ever quickening, ever bubbling higher, ever muttering louder, it went spinning through the narrows for the open sea.
Here he found himself above the lower narrows and defiles of the latter river, and in an open and level country.
For like reason we would make especial mention of the village of Wishram, at the head of the Long Narrows, as being a solitary instance of an aboriginal trading mart, or emporium.
A mile or two above the Peace Rock the Waingunga narrows between a gorge of marble rocks from eighty to a hundred feet high, and the current runs like a mill-race between and over all manner of ugly stones.
Eventually we found ourselves through the narrows of Obidos and reached the town of Manaos.
This narrows the field immeasurably we meet again in it.
The two ends of the V passed over Plumfield and Jamaica Bay, respectively, and the Prince directed his course a little to the east of the Narrows, soared over Upper Bay, and came to rest over Jersey City in a position that dominated lower New York.
If you can say definitely, for example, that some murder has been done by a man who was smoking an Indian lunkah, it obviously narrows your field of search.
Cape Negro, a little within the second Narrows, may be considered as the point where the land begins to assume the marked features of Tierra del Fuego.
The Firth of Forth (as is very well known) narrows at this point to the width of a good-sized river, which makes a convenient ferry going north, and turns the upper reach into a landlocked haven for all manner of ships.
That constant pacing to and fro, that never-ending restlessness, that incessant tread of feet wearing the rough stones smooth and glossy--is it not a wonder how the dwellers in narrows ways can bear to hear it
Only a narrow potato patch separated him from the adventure.