Nasal bones

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(Anat.) two bones of the skull, in front of the frontals.

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Laura Stuart There were fractures to the right and left cheekbone areas and fractures to the nasal bones.
The journalist that Li allegedly assaulted had surgery to treat fractured nasal bones and an eye injury suffered in the Dec.
Mobilization of nasal bones and maintenance of the aesthetic contour are the main goals of lateral osteotomy.
On the other hand, nasal bones are not totally ossified and fused in the pediatric population in whom X-ray has even less value (7).
A postmortem revealed the victim's skull was fractured and nasal bones broken and cause of death was blunt force injuries.
An anechoic cartilaginous area between the midline of the frontal bone and the nasal bones can be recognized and identifies the nasal bridge, the hyperechogenic nasal bone synostosis can therefore accurately be measured.
1992) and yak (Sharma and Gupta, 1991) up to the level of frontal and nasal bones.
X-Ray of nasal bones and paranasal sinuses were requested in selected cases.
Fracture of nasal bones with mild displacement with bullet or foreign body hole.
Finally one sample t-test was performed for comparing dimensional characteristics of the selected Iranians' nasal bones with the acceptable 0.
He said Mr Dunford had "massive" facial fracturing including jaw, cheek and nasal bones.
00%) Total 68 (100%) 3 (100%) * Facial bone Fracture includes = Mandible, maxillary, Tooth fracture and dislocation and Nasal bones