Nasal bones

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(Anat.) two bones of the skull, in front of the frontals.

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As such, nasal bones, trauma and septum have contributed to the growth of epistaxis.
The report also stated that Malama Zeenah also sustained gunshot injuries, most especially in her abdomen and blunt facial trauma causing fracture of the nasal bones.
"His nasal bones were also broken and had to be manipulated and he had scratches to his neck.
The 31-year-old victim told the court the attack had left him with breathing difficulties due to deviated nasal bones.
A piece of one or both nasal bones is then removed to allow access to the sinuses so that the surgeon can remove tumors, foreign bodies, or any infected tissues present.
Laura Stuart There were fractures to the right and left cheekbone areas and fractures to the nasal bones. The prosecution alleges the facial fractures were caused by Cooper delivering forceful kicks to Ms Stuart's face while she was lying bleeding on the ground as a result of an initial knife attack.
Background: The most common site of fracture in face is nasal bones. The objective of the study was to evaluate the use of x-rays of nasal bone in nasal trauma especially in children.
The journalist that Li allegedly assaulted had surgery to treat fractured nasal bones and an eye injury suffered in the Dec.
Lateral osteotomy is indicated for closing the dorsal open roof, narrowing the nasal pyramid, and straightening the nasal bones. Mobilization of nasal bones and maintenance of the aesthetic contour are the main goals of lateral osteotomy.
Plain X-ray has high sensitivity (88%) and specificity (95%) for NBF; however, both sensitivity and specificity is lower for fractures of the lateral nasal wall than for those of nasal bones, although the specificity is higher (75%) than the sensitivity (28%) (6).