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Variant of Nazca.


or Nas•ca

(ˈnɑs kɑ, -kə)

of or designating a pre-Inca culture of SW Peru, dating from c200 b.c., characterized by polychrome pottery.
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Hojat M, Mangione S, Nasca TJ, Rattner S, Erdmann JB, Gonnella JS, et al.
Tabard with lizard-like creatures, 500-750 AD, Nasca, Peru, South Coast, feathers on cotton, 58.
Currently, depression is diagnosed only by its symptoms," Nasca says.
Address for correspondence: Maria Rita Nasca, Dermatology Clinic, University of Catania, A.
The NASCA recommendations regarding RT for children and adolescents indicate different load percentages for different fitness levels (10).
The research area comprises the valleys of Palpa, in the northern Nasca region (Figure 1).
It doesn't help that, unlike the Peruvians, who have carefully preserved the Nasca lines, we've built roads through most of our sacred landscape, or made it inaccessible on private or military land.
The jolt caused people to flee their homes in Ica, the port of Pisco, and the towns of Palpa, Nasca and Canete.
And listed alongside floating fishing villages in Vietnam, the ancient Nasca lines and geoglyphs in Peru and the oldest cemetery in Athens is the ruins of the former Cathedral Church of St Michael, destroyed in the Coventry Blitz.