Nascent state

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(Chem.) the fleeting or momentary state of an uncombined atom or radical just separated from one compound, and not yet united with another, - a hypothetical condition implying peculiarly active chemical properties; as, hydrogen in the nascent state is a strong reducer.
(Chem.) See under Nascent.

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The 'great betrayal' took place in the formative phase of Pakistan when the leadership of the nascent state deviated from the path and plunged the country into a perpetual state of chaos and disorder.
Consequently, the nascent state began to fall prey to conspiracies from unknown quarters.
Why the challenge of national integration was not taken seriously by the leadership in the nascent state of Pakistan and how feelings of ethnic nationalism permeated particularly in the then East Pakistan?
Al-Sisi said Egypt-South Sudan ties are currently witnessing an unprecedented prosperity in various fields, noting that Egypt was one of the first supporters of the nascent state of South Sudan.
Aligarh Muslim University not only led the movement for Pakistan, it also produced the manpower to sustain and run the nascent state. Very few universities have been able to play such dominant role in steering the course of a nation as Sir Syed's university did.
This is where Umno, stumping for the Opposition Parti Bersatu Sabah's candidate, has stepped in to use the unfulfilled promises against the nascent state and federal governments.
UAV/Drone: The usage of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) in logistics is in nascent state. However, companies like Amazon, DHL, and Google are experimenting in this field.
He said that the mutual funds industry in most developed markets is recognized for its role in the economy as a seamless conduit to asset markets, such as debt and equity, both public and private - in Pakistan, the industry is still in a nascent state and stands poised to grow tremendously given the right kind of support and guidance.
The shift meant Chicago, then an unincorporated backwater, became part of the nascent state with a port on the Great Lakes.
For the curators, the title conjures the impossible or herculean, which speaks to the city's 'can-do' spirit in the face of seemingly insurmountable social, political, and economic obstacles just as it alludes to the nascent state of the biennial itself as a platform.
Even in its nascent state, the program is already showing benefits.
The relations between Egypt and South Sudan currently witness unprecedented prosperity in various aspects of cooperation, Sisi said, affirming that Egypt was among the first countries to support the people and government of the nascent state of South Sudan.