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A village of central England near Northampton. Nearby on June 14, 1645, Oliver Cromwell's Parliamentarian forces decisively defeated Royalist troops led by Charles I and Prince Rupert.


(Placename) a village in Northamptonshire: site of a major Parliamentarian victory (1645) in the Civil War, when Cromwell routed Prince Rupert's force


(ˈneɪz bi)

a village in W Northamptonshire, in central England: Royalist defeat 1645.
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Noun1.Naseby - a village in western Northamptonshire
Northamptonshire - a county is central England
2.Naseby - a battle in 1645 that settled the outcome of the first English Civil War as the Parliamentarians won a major victory over the RoyalistsNaseby - a battle in 1645 that settled the outcome of the first English Civil War as the Parliamentarians won a major victory over the Royalists
English Civil War - civil war in England between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists under Charles I; 1644-1648
England - a division of the United Kingdom
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WHEN Dick Naseby was in Paris he made some odd acquaintances; for he was one of those who have ears to hear, and can use their eyes no less than their intelligence.
Hence, too, it came about that Dick Naseby, a high-minded creature, and as scrupulous and brave a gentleman as you would want to meet, held in a sort of affection the various human creeping things whom he had met and studied.
I have concentrated here at Naseby camp all the resources Heaven has left me, and I write to you in haste from thence.
What was begun at Edgehill ended at Naseby where the King's cause was utterly lost.
The school converted to academy status in 2011 and formed a Multi Academy Trust with Naseby Church of England Primary Academy in 2014.
1989: The second Battle of Naseby was lost when judges refused to halt the M1-A1 link across a field where Cromwell was defeated by Royalists in 1645.
Thirteen group is working jointly with Stockton Council to block a footpath on Naseby Court in Billingham, just a stone's throw away from Bewley Primary School.
Astley was the commander of the Royalist infantry and fought in the Civil War's major battles, including the decisive clash at Naseby.
Commonwealth Secretary-General, Kamalesh Sharma and High Commissioners from Commonwealth Countries; Lord Naseby, Damian Collins M.
Nor was the Naseby massacre the only human tragedy to which the black legend of Prince Rupert's dog may be said to have contributed," writes Stoyle (148).
TODAY WORLD 1645: The Battle of Naseby took place in Northamptonshire during the Civil War.
The office had moved from London to escape the bombing to a stately home in Naseby, Northants.