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n. pl. Naskapi or Nas·ka·pis
1. A member of a Native American people inhabiting northern Quebec and Labrador.
2. The variety of Montagnais spoken by the Naskapi.

[French, of Montagnais origin.]
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(Peoples) a member of an Innu people living in Quebec
[from Cree]
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In Quebec, under the auspices of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA), the Cree and Inuit have their own school boards, and the Naskapi have special status for their school.
Northerly travelling Naskapi Innu were brought together with southerly Innu to the iron-ore rich area about 100 km from Caniapiscau, a favored hunting and fishing location.
America): Maliseet, Passamaquoddy; Abenaki, Penobscot; Caddo; Plains Ojibwa; Arapaho; Blackfoot; Crow; Gros Ventre; Sarsi; Arikara; Wichita; Pawnee; Cheyenne; Teton; Winnebago; Omaha, Ponka; Iowa; Swampy Cree (Eastern); Ojibwa (Eastern); Montagnais; Naskapi; Swampy Cree (Western); Northern Ojibwa; Santee; Five Nations Iroquois; Fox, Sauk, Kikapoo; Assiniboine; Plains Cree; Menomini; Ojibwa (Western);
Yet over that brief span, he made several original contributions to disciplinary knowledge of indigenous peoples and cultures, including research in Labrador among the northern Innu (Naskapi) and their Inuit neighbours.
Au stade de l'elaboration du Plan Nord, ce sont les conseils de bandes et les conseils tribaux des quatre nations Cri, Inuit, Naskapi et Innu qui ont ete invites a participer a deux tables de concertation, celle des partenaires et celle des partenaires autochtones (72).
All of this territory bears aboriginal title--Cree, Inuit, Naskapi, Attikamek and Innu.
Hunters in the barrens; the Naskapi on the edge of the white man's world.
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