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An attitude or policy that encourages childbearing.

pro·na′tal·ist n.
pro·na′tal·is′tic adj.
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(15.) Lyman Stone, "Feminism as the New Natalism: Can Progressive Policies Halt Falling Fertility?," Institute for Family Studies, February 21, 2018,
(188) Steinfeld, supra note 39, at 4-5 (discussing the rejection of natalism amongst poor immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa).
This conservative ideology called for natalism and motherhood, hearth and home, inciting opposition among the feminist and lesbian circles of Paris, which included Gertrude Stein, Natalie Barney, Sylvia Beach, and Margaret Anderson and Jane Heap, friends of Cahun's.
From oosplasmic transfer (1) to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (2) to the precise gene-editing capabilities of Crispr-cas9, (3) these technologies can facilitate quiet forms of eugenic natalism. Increasingly, consumerist rather than dignitary notions of choice have been deployed to chase non-medical, cosmetic notions of human perfectibility.
The first four chapters trace a history of architectural "natalism" and address architecture's overreliance on "fantasies of creativity and durability" (15).
The book concludes with questions about remarriage and natalism, revisiting the central question American widows faced in deciding to wear mourning clothes: whether they were women or war widows first (125).
He lauds Georgia (population 4.7 million) as a model of successful natalism. But Georgia had only 12.9 births per 1,000 women in 2011, the same number as in Russia, which he derides as "the sick man of Europe." Strangely, he doesn't mention the single outlier in industrial-world demographics: Israel had 22 live births per 1,000 in 2011, and the total fertility rate for Israeli Jews stands at 3, by far the highest in the industrial world.
"Feminism is the new natalism," Willetts concluded.
Coming from a country that has for years been enforcing a one-child policy in an attempt to combat overpopulation, Xu had difficulty imagining a responsible government encouraging natalism. The Canadianism homebrew, McAlpine realized, reflects both Canadians' love of beer and their fear of being dominated by Americans in the field of sports.
Peyrebrune's text, as I will show, had an impact on Rachilde's thematics and helped goad her, in La Marquise de Sade, into a full-scale attack on marriage, natalism and doctors.
Here, in the context of rampant postwar natalism, lesbianism came to stand for the dangers of female sexuality in general.
writes about authority structures within Buddhism, environmentalism, natalism (she is "deeply suspicious of people who need and long to reproduce biologically"), consumerism, and children's rights.