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Natch·ez 1

n. pl. Natchez
1. A member of a Native American people formerly located on the lower Mississippi River near present-day Natchez. The Natchez ceased to exist as a people after war with the French in the early 1700s.
2. The language of the Natchez.

[French, from Natchez.]

Natch′ez adj.

Natch·ez 2

A city of southwest Mississippi on the Mississippi River southwest of Vicksburg. Founded as a fortified settlement in 1716, it was held successively by France, Great Britain, Spain, and the United States. Natchez prospered as the southern terminus of the Natchez Trace, a road connecting the city with Nashville, Tennessee, that was commercially and strategically important until the early 1800s.


(ˈnætʃ ɪz)

a port in SW Mississippi, on the Mississippi River. 22,015.
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Noun1.Natchez - a town in southwest Mississippi on the Mississippi RiverNatchez - a town in southwest Mississippi on the Mississippi River
Magnolia State, Mississippi, MS - a state in the Deep South on the gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate States during the American Civil War
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There are reports that railroad line between Natchez and Brookhaven will undergo multi-million dollar worth of repair works and enhancements soon, thanks to the newly awarded federal funds.
Born on this date in 1716, Natchez was once called Fort Rosalie.
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3 million in repairs and improvements will be received by the railroad line between Natchez and Brookhaven.
Natchez, the oldest city on the Mississippi River, takes its name from the Natchez Indians who inhabited the area.
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