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1.hath not.
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If there is one text in the Sikh tradition that explicates this path of "true" yoga or "abiding purely within the world's impurities," it is the siddh goshti, Guru Nanak's discourse with the accomplished magical masters of the nath yoga tradition (known as Siddhs), who followed the traditional Indian path of world renunciation (samnyasa).
Part II of the volume, "The Expanding Tradition," traces yoga into the Advaita Vedanta philosophy of Samkara, the Jaina tradition and the Nath Yoga traditions of western and northern India, early tantra traditions, and, finally, the later Sahajiya Tantric traditions of Medieval Bengal.
It is in this late period that certain common practices appear in Jaina as well as in Nath Yoga or Kanphata traditions, especially in the regions of western India.