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See Saint Bartholomew.


(Bible) New Testament a Galilean who is perhaps to be identified with the apostle Bartholomew (John 1:45–51; 21:1)


(nəˈθæn i əl, -ˈθæn yəl)

a disciple of Jesus, possibly Bartholomew. John 1:45–51.
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Greene = Nathanael Greene(1742-1786), Revolutionary General; Warren = Joseph Warren (1741-1775), Revolutionary war hero, killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill}
Hamilton City Councils Nathanael Savage says the research is still in its early days but is already adding new information to what was previously thought about bat habitats and flight patterns for the long-tailed bat (pekapeka-tou-roa), one of the two surviving native bat species in New Zealand.
Sarah Thompson, from Randalstown, Co Antrim, said their lives were turned upside down in December 2016 when they were given the shocking news about Nathanael.
There is a first start at loose head prop for Nathanael Titchard-Jones on rotation with Jimmy Litchfield, and Brett Daynes moves to No.
Pictured is Sister Fiona Hellowell-Trest, Malcolm Coton, of Elland Round Table, fundraiser Denise Mountain, James Pickles, of Elland Round Table, NHS Family Support Worker Kim Jaskolski, Martin Sheppard, of the Round Table, Claire Mountain and Jakob Nellen, Emma Rickard and Iris Caudwell, and Mariet Cheetham and Nathanael Cheetham.
Nathanael Gray, PhD, Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Lewis Cantley, PhD, Weill Cornell Medicine, the scientific co-founders of Petra Pharma, have officially joined the company's Scientific Advisory Board.
The American army under General Nathanael Greene launched a surprise attack against the British force under Colonel Alexander Stewart, and Greene eventually withdrew.
Aspiring cancer researcher Nathanael Green will run the marathon tomorrow in tribute to his mum Bridget, who had planned to run her own marathon but passed away before she could achieve her ambition.
David's colleague Nathanael Williams, 27, said: "I went downstairs and I saw crowds of people across the road, facing Gordon Street Coffee and the hotel above it.
Nathanael Koester and Cameron Gray return on the line, and kicker Jace Krier will play a bigger role at wide receiver.
Supreme Court Judge Stelios Nathanael also read a decision that extended the interpretation of the article in the constitution about immunity.
He commanded Nathanael Greene's screening force with skill and daring during the Race to the Dan River early in 1781.