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Noun1.Naticidae - moonshells
mollusk family - a family of mollusks
class Gasteropoda, class Gastropoda, Gasteropoda, Gastropoda - snails and slugs and their relatives
moon shell, moonshell - marine gastropods having smooth rounded shells that form short spires
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2 species each were reportedfrom families Turbinidae, Cerithidae, Potamididae, Naticidae, Conidae and Volemidae whereas 1 species each belongs to remaining 13 families.
Gastropods of family Cerithiidae are the most abundant (840 shells, 41% of the recorded gastropods) while families Fissurellidae, Patellidae, Naticidae, Golmbellidae, Fasciolariidae and Pyramideloidae are represented by less than ten shells for each (Table I, Fig.
6 Larvas MOLLUSCA: Naticidae Cephalopoda Gasteropoda Loligo gahi 0.
Studies of boring gastropods have largely focused on the drilling behaviors and patterns for Muricidae and Naticidae.
KEY WORDS: gastropods, marine, ontogeny, predation, soft sediment, Lunatia heros, moonsnail, Naticidae
He started with the Naticidae in 1976, but soon realised work of this nature necessitated that he examine material in overseas museums.
Naticidae Globularia fischeri (Dall, 1915) * * Polinices hepaticus subclausus (Sowerby, 1859) * Marginellidae Prunum coniforme (Sowerby, 1850) * Cancellariidae Cancellaria scalatella Guppy, 1873 * Rissoinidae Melanopsis cepula (Guppy, 1866) * Bivalvia Arcidae Arca transversa Linne,1758 * Anadara modesta (Grzybowski, 1899) * Area cf.