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This is done by taking a relevant history and administering tests, such as the National Adult Reading Test (NART), that can be used to compare against current test performance.
At all of the sites, the Mont-gomery-[Angstrom]sberg Depression Rating Scale or the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale were administered, in addition to the Young Mania Rating Continued on following page Scale, and the National Adult Reading Test, reported Mr.
One of the most widely used premorbid assessment tools based on current single word reading skills is the National Adult Reading Test (NART) (Nelson & Willison, 1991), which has been standardised against the Wechsler Adult intelligence Scale-Revised Edition (WAIS-R).
They underwent testing with the National Adult Reading Test (which measures verbal IQ), the Rapid Visual Information Processing task (which measures capacity for sustained attention), and a covert attention task (which measures ability to reorient attention).
These included the Trail-Making Test, which measures motor speed, visual attention, and cognitive flexibility; the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test, which measures the ability to problem solve; a delayed recall test; the American National Adult Reading Test; and the Geriatric Depression Scale.
Cognitive function measures using the National Adult Reading Test showed no improvement relative to placebo, even when a subanalysis only looked at patients aged over 45 years.
Recent research has compared National Adult Reading Test scores in 509 people aged around 80, who, as children, had taken part in a 1932 IQ test.
Data from the National Adult Reading Test and education are presented in Table 1.
The National Adult Reading Test (NART) is used to estimate premorbid intelligence.
These ratings correlate with measures of current cognitive functioning, but not with indicators of pre-morbid functioning such as the amount of education or score on the National Adult Reading Test (NART) [12].
One such test, the National Adult Reading Test (NART; Nelson & Willison, 1991), presents participants with a list of 50 irregularly spelled words of increasing difficulty that cannot be pronounced phonetically (e.g., 'debt').

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